Welcome to the BETA Blog | The Beta Agency
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Welcome to the BETA Blog

Welcome to the BETA Blog

BETA is a collection of designers, developers and various other creative types who work together on each project that we take on. Different members of our group will be posting on the BETA Blog to show the behind the scenes process as we bring our projects from design to implementation. We thought we would use our first post to highlight a little bit about some of our team members.

Kyle Treadwell | Art Director

Artwork by Kyle Treadwell for the G-Fresh & Spose remix of "Hotel"

Artwork by Kyle Treadwell for the G-Fresh & Spose remix of “Hotel”

Kyle’s focus may be design, but his passion lies in music. Before joining BETA he worked for the Maine Edge newspaper, the KAHBANG Music Festival and also managed artists on the local hip-hop scene.

Here are a few questions we asked him:

What has the most plays on your Spotify right now?

Kid Ink’s Body Language (it’s really Elton John’s Candle in the Wind btw)

What is a recent advertising campaign that you respected for its design?

Anything Old Spice has ever done.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m good at soccer and video games, but not soccer-based video games.

Katie Hathaway | Administrative Coordinator & Project Manager

Katie is finishing her last year at the University of Maine where she also currently serves as the Music Director for WMEB. Her superpower is the ability to pose the same way, with the same face, in every photo taken of her. We asked her a few questions:

What’s another word for knowing that you’re right?
Katie, because I’m always right.

If a two year old hands you a phone, do you answer it?
No, because two-year old’s are slimy.

What is the dumbest rumor you have ever heard about yourself?
Rumor has it I’m the one he’s leaving you for…

Ben Everett | Digital Development

Ben is currently finishing his BS in Computer Information Systems at Husson University while also actively working in his field. We asked him to stop playing Candy Crush Saga long enough to answer these questions:

How much cash do you have on you?

What did the last text message on your phone say? (be honest)
“the cops put no parking signs in front of our house…”

Joshua Gass | Creative Director & Principal

Josh is a graduate of the University of Southern California. His instagram is @AdventuresInDigital

Belle contemplates the vastness of the universe. #dogsofinstagram #philosopherdog

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