Oriental Jade - Menu Photography | The Beta Agency
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Oriental Jade – Menu Photography

About This Project

In 2014, the Beta Agency was approached by the Oriental Jade, a family-run business offering authentic Asian cuisine. Over the course of the next year, we worked with the Jade on re-imagining their menu design, including photographing the majority of their signature dishes.


Food Photography

It became clear early on in this project that strong visuals would be essential to its success. Specifically, the restaurant, a local, family-owned institution is located in a commercial area surrounded by a sea of corporate restaurants who spend thousands of dollars on their promotional assets. Casual restaurant-goers do not always understand the difference between individual restaurants and have come to expect a specific dining experience. In addition, the variety of offerings on the menu are extensive, and patrons are not always familiar with certain items. Appealing visuals are at the heart of discovery with the theory being, if a patron has not tasted a particular dish, but it looks good, they are more apt to try it.